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[RunConv][Back] Terminate a running pipeline

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      As a Data Preparation user with Runtime Convergence activated,
      I want to terminate the pipeline execution of a running preparation (run currently in progress)
      In order to save time and computing resources in case the run completion is not needed any more (e.g. I have done a run configuration mistake and I want to restart a new run with some configuration changes...)


      From the run history page, we want to allow the user to terminate a preparation run, similar to the "stop pipeline" feature in Pipeline Designer.


      • Create a new TDP backend endpoint for Runtime Convergence mode
        • Stops the pipeline => Use endpoint from Pipeline API  TPRUN-248  API documentation
      • Include IT creation for new endpoint
      • Out of sope: legacy mode => frontend calls the existing legacy "cancel" TDP endpoint
      • Document in API designer
      • The user must have access to the preparation to kill a run (API returns 403 when user have not access to the preparation)
      • API returns a 404 Not Found, if the run does not exist or associate to another preparation.

      Acceptance criteria

      • Integration test available


      • Given a tenant with Runtime Convergence activated,

      and a preparation with a running run

      When calling TDP endpoint to terminate the preparation run

      Then the pipeline is terminated, and the execution status is updated (KILLED received from Kafka)

      • Scenario 2: runtime convergence mode (from https://jira.talendforge.org/browse/TDP-10033__)_
        Given a tenant with Runtime Convergence activated,
        and a preparation opened with a running run
        When the user opens the run history page and clicks on "terminate" action
        Then a confirmation modal is opened
        When the user confirms the termination of the run
        Then the run history entry is updated:
        • Status: Terminated
        • End time & time spent



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