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Runtime convergence: tDataprepRun to reuse tck processor

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      In the goal to avoid customer data to transit in Talend Cloud, the tDataprepRun from DI job (does not concern TBD here), must:

      • call Dataprep to retrieve the list of recipe of transformation (uppercase, phone number formatting, etc.)
      • not sent data to be transformed to Dataprep but instead transform them locally through tck processor that will be developed by Data-streams team and available in connectors-ee.
      • support migration from legacy tDataprepRun/DI

      Acceptance Criteria

      • No more data is sent to talend cloud
      • All dataprep functions are usable
      • Preparation Id and version can be defined with context value
      • An existing studio job with legacy tDataprepRun will be executable as is after new tck/dataprep replacement
      • Download dictionnary only if needed even if dictionary access is configured

      New: Must still work like before for Dataprep on-prem


      Topic Description DoR
      Description Is the functional requirement clearly stated? Is the user-story properly defined?
      (As a user XXX, I want to YYY in order to ZZZ & functional description)
      Jira information Is the Jira information correct? (fix version, labels, security level, Component, sprint, estimation)
      Environment Environment ready
      Support SSL
      Reachable for QA/Doc/automation(TTP, Junit)/beta testers…
      Target fixVersion/Application
      License Is license EE or SE clearly identified ?
      Technical Analysis Does the developer understand how it will be implemented?
      Do we have a solution? No current solution for Guess schema.
      lookup connectors dependencies still in discussion.
      Approved/discussed with architecture (in-team, global or security, depending on the scope)?
      Dependencies Are all dependencies linked to JIRA (link "depends on")?
      Are they done?
      Including SRE/Devops/IT
      Migrations Is migration needed? Maybe there will be some migration.
      Doc Is DOCT created and linked under the epic?
      Communication channel Is slack feat- created?With all the correct owner involved? (QA/Doc/PO/SM)
      UX Are there changes in the UI?
      Does it contain a mockup?
      Was it approved by UX? Not yet approved, should be the same as tadatapreprun.


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