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Allow specific context UI

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      Three questions here:
      1. Some ui property only have meaning in studio job design, no meaning in pipeline designer, like:
      "Use or register a shared DB Connection"<==share connection, even can pass to subjob
      "Specify a data source alias"<==which only have meaning for some studio job run env, like ESB runtime
      So seems we need a way to declare field which only works in studio, like only hidden way in cloud.

      And they are not generic like "Connection" and "Use existed connection", and special for different connector.

      About this, we also can change label to show that only for :
      "only for studio" or "only for cloud" or "only for metadata"

      2. how to hide parameters for like tjdbcinput, which only appear in tjdbcconnection(datastore) component? how to process this for cloud? like "Specify a data source alias".

      3. how to hide parameter which only have meaning for job, but no meaning for metadata, like the property in datastore: useAutoCommit. But this one may be acceptable/suitable, no need to fix?

      4. db mapping only appear in studio metadata, how to hide it for component?

      Also, maybe we can refactor tjdbcxxx components ui, make it avoid the some questions above.




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